This is the result of my longest commitment to my hobby to date: take one photo per day, for 366 days straight. To avoid too much repetition and to keep myself on the edge I decided to rely on outside topic lists generated by FatMumSlim. Any repetition in topics that you see are intentional, Chantelle wanted to make sure that people that start at a given month don't miss on some of the more popular topics.

One thing that I can tell for sure is that the challenge made me a better photographer. I went through no less than four different cameras trying to find the right balance between what the camera could do for me, and what the camera would allow me to do. I ditched autofocus, I learned how histograms work and too many different ways of converting a color photo into black and white.

It's been fun.

Will I do this again? Probably. But I would seriously consider trying my own topics list. And I would try to synchronize it better with major expected happenings, and with popular recurring themes like Macro Monday, Tree Tuesdays, Caturday, etc.