Saturday, December 15, 2012

350: Outside

350: Outside by pvera
350: Outside, a photo by pvera on Flickr.

The rig is a Sony NEX-7, Tokina AT-X SD 2.8/80-200 for Canon FD and an AmazonBasics 60" tripod. The original intention was to try to get a digital zoom shot, which would had yielded 200mm x 1.5 crop x 10X digital zoom = 3000mm equivalent shot. I thought the problem was going to be vibrations, so I was using a remote, but I was wrong.

The problem was that while the $30 is great with almost everything I own, it really doesn't like that big ass Tokina because it is simply too heavy.

That's when I noticed that the rig itself actually looked more interesting than what I was trying to shoot with it, which made me glad that I didn't ditch my NEX-C3 when I got the NEX-7.