Wednesday, June 20, 2012

172: Fave photo you have ever taken.

It is impossible for me to pick one, so here's a sample:

The tower is at the Ronald Reagan/National Airport in Alexandria, VA. I shot it through a dirty train window and to this day I can't believe what a lucky shot it was.

The shot with Ivette and PJ was shot handheld with the automatic smile shutter on the Sony DSC-HX100V set to two faces. We liked this one so much that we actually ordered it as a canvas print and sent it to my mother in law.

The bridge is the pedestrian crossing on the corner of Wielhe and Northshore Drive in Reston, VA. It was shot from the car, another completely lucky shot.

The boats are stashed somewhere around Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia. We ran into those during a walk around the lake.

The u-haul trucks shot is another lucky one, I shot it while waiting for Ivette to pump gas at the gas station across the street from Lake Anne.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

171: Imperfect

171: Imperfect by pvera
171: Imperfect, a photo by pvera on Flickr.
This is a micro photograph of the edge of a 19-year old pocket knife. Notice the characteristic female-usage indentations always present in these tools whenever the owner's wife uses it for things it wasn't intended for.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

169: In your bag.

169: In your bag. by pvera
169: In your bag., a photo by pvera on Flickr.
This is not what I wanted to shoot. I wanted to shoot a bag full of "used" kitty litter, which would have been more of a challenge than this. But nooo, the bag "disappeared" before I could take my shot.

Some people just have no respect for art.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

159: Drink.

159: Drink. by pvera
159: Drink., a photo by pvera on Flickr.
This is an Aqua Cube, a self-filtering water dish for pets.

Protip: if you buy one of these, cut one of the filters and cram it on the pump inlet or it'll clog. It's the only flaw on the design, otherwise it works really nice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

156: Close up

156: Close up by pvera
156: Close up, a photo by pvera on Flickr.
This is Dean, we adopted him on Friday but we couldn't take him home until he was neutered today.